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At Hiranis Pharmacueticals Pvt. Ltd, we focus on the basics of selling with the most cost effective tools available. Determining how much to spend on marketing can be one of the biggest obstacles that businesses face these days. Controlling of expenses, budgeting and proper planning are one of the core foundations for Hiranis success.

The objective marketing activities are directed to provide with exact and substantial products information and good benefits for doctors and pharmacists. Our representatives have been developing good relationship with the medical & pharmaceuticals professionals to create the climate of friendly that is indispensable for all new developments. The effectiveness of this management philosophy can be seen in company's constant and rapid growth.

Hiranis promotes various platforms for knowledge sharing including Conferences, Camping Activities, Symposia in hospitals for doctors. It continues its efforts towards customer education on various diseases and their symptoms and cures, thereby increasing customer awareness.

Our approach to satisfy the Doctors and the health care professionals could only be possible with the help of our skilled sales team that are located all over Pakistan. We consider our field force as the building block of our company therefore we equip them with product knowledge, detailing guidelines on the products and scientific promotional materials.

Our strategy is always measurable and achievable and we work to differentiate our company with the rest with keeping our customers health and requirements in mind. Our vision is our strength.

Portfolio Includes:
Dentistry Neurology Gynaecology
Paediatrics Dermatology Rheumatology
Orthopaedics Infectious Disease Cardiology
Endocrinology ENT Cardiology
Gastroenterology Psychiatry  

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